MySQL Error!
MySQL error in file: /engine/modules/show.short.php at line 66
Error Number: 145
The Error returned was:
Table './p15022_densoft/dle_post' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
SQL query:

SELECT, p.autor,, p.short_story, CHAR_LENGTH(p.full_story) as full_story, p.xfields, p.title, p.category, p.alt_name, p.comm_num, p.allow_comm, p.fixed, p.tags, e.news_read, e.allow_rate, e.rating, e.vote_num, e.votes, e.view_edit, e.editdate, e.editor, e.reason FROM dle_post p LEFT JOIN dle_post_extras e ON ( WHERE IN (294502,232671,177279,204615,207488,208184,208848,213860,217307,226789,228774,230398,236147,245495,268664,279029,300477,314226,315840,319057,327949,330044,332985,333826,333872,350248,355830,356562,365971,372315) AND p.approve=1 ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 0,9