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Аудиокниги » Скачать Wind David - Angels in Mourning (Аудиокнига)

Wind  David   -  Angels in Mourning  (Аудиокнига)
Can a dead man tell a tale? Early one morning, investigator Gabe Storm is summoned to an apartment by the NYPD. Storm learns his best friend, Scotty Granger, a Broadway producer, is dead.

Police suggest Granger died in a botched burglary attempt. Unwilling to accept the NYPD's take on the murder, Storm pursues the illusive killer into the underbelly of Broadway's high finance, the dangerous world of pimps and gangsters and through the halls of the US Senate.

David Wind's 33rd novel Angels in Mourning, is a suspenseful page turning thriller following New York City detective Gabriel Storm in his relentless search for the killer of his best friend, Broadway Playwright Scotty Granger. Working alone and with the FBI, Homeland Security, a mafia connection, and the NYPD, Storm races from Hell's Kitchen to Broadway, to Miami's Little Cuba, navigating through a twisted terrain of unlikely suspects including Wall Street financiers, pimps, predators, gangsters, politicians and takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of intrigue, misdirection and excitement on the road to its surprising and suspenseful conclusion.

--- "A complex and highly intelligent detective story, David Wind's latest novel demands your attention and pays off big time. Tightly written and intricately plotted, ANGELS IN MOURNING will leave you wanting more-­and there's plenty to choose from among Wind's thirty-­three previous works. Finding such a talented, prolific writer is a mixed blessing: So much to catch up on, and so little time!­" --­Ken Isaacson Author of SILENT COUNSEL ---

Название: Angels in Mourning
Автор: David Wind
Издательство: Audiobook
Эту книгу озвучил: Roberto Scarlato
Год выпуска: 2016
Жанр: Crime, Detective
Аудио кодек: mp3
Битрейт аудио: 64 kbps
Продолжительность: 16:15:00
Качество: Отличное
Размер: 447.59 Мб
Язык: Английский

Скачать аудиокнигу: Angels in Mourning

Автор: virusnk

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